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A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click~ Author Unknown
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Silver Spirit Web Design specialises in working closely with businesses and individuals to create websites that capture the essence of the message which needs to be conveyed and portraying it in a way that is accessible for everyone who needs it.

footprintThe first step on the journey to create a website is to begin to design and evolve the overall look and feel of the site. This is done by consultation between client and designer by e-mail, telephone and meetings if required. At the end of this stage a pricing estimate will be made and timelines will be set. Silver Spirit are very happy to provide this initial service free of charge with no obligation to continue unless completely happy.

footprintOnce a price and a timeline has been agreed, Silver Spirit will then begin work on the design of the website. Sample pages with a variety of designs can be created if you don't have a definite idea in mind. Your domain name will be registered and a hosting package and any e-mail addresses required will be set up. The initial stages of Search Engine Optimisation will be set in place and continued dialogue between client and designer will ensure a smooth completion of the final design for the website.

footprintThe last step is to add and arrange the content and any functionality required. The website is then tested and optimised and submitted to any relevant search engines. The very end of the process comes as the final amendments and touch-ups are made to the website and then on an agreed release date the website will "go live" around the world!

The subsequent monitoring, reporting and continued management of your website will continue from here if required.