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Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks ~ Author Unknown
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In business, entertainment and our social lives, people are increasingly asking:
‘Do you have a website?’

silver dripA few years ago, when I was starting out with a small start-up business in soft-furnishings, this was possibly the question I was asked the most! It became very obvious, very quickly, that in order to cement contacts that are made casually, and to promote the business to a world wide audience, a presence on the World Wide Web is as essential as a business card. I have a strong grounding in creative design and can offer advice and ideas to complement your own thoughts if required.

silver dripWith a science degree and a certain innate sense of creativity, I realised that creating a website for my fledgling business was an achievable task. I found that the world of web design was a comfortable and very exciting place to be and soon became adept at hand coding aesthetically pleasing web pages. With an innovative, thorough and diligent approach and an ever expanding repertoire of accomplishments, this has now developed into a fast expanding business.

silver dripThe process of designing and developing a website can be a daunting journey. I feel that I can provide a very personal approach to this with clear and non-technical explanations of the steps involved. I will work closely with you to make sure your website portrays your brand, ideals or information in the most effective way possible. Whatever your website; business, ideas, information, clubs, educational or social; I specialise in creating websites for those who are new to the web and are putting their ideas online for the first time.